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I have been waiting and waiting until I feel that nomadyouth.com is all “PERFECT” but I have decided to apply my new life mantra to this blog since my absolute “perfect” for nomadyouth.com may just not come for quite a while. My mantra? : JUST DO IT. Just sign off FB. Just work out. Just smile. Just go to bed early. … Just clean your room. Just read an inspiring book instead of watching a trashy reality TV show that fills my brain and generation with stupidity. Just send that person who ruined your day loving thoughts. Just call your family and say I love you. Just walk away from the nachos. Just take a deep breath. Just do yoga now. Just do your homework and stop thinking of other things to put after Just….. ok, JUST START POSTING! 🙂

So, here you go universe! Welcome to my life.

Whisper words of wisdom..

With the start of this blog I am seeing an end to some other life chapters since I just finished my college classes and moved hours away from all my college friends and the city I had created a lovely and “stable” (for the first time after traveling for 8 months…) life for myself in. This blog is helping me to actively create my future and make my life into a work of art.bilzu-pacina-2-11_large

& I shall leave you now with my favorite OOTD from the past week!

chaps sweater on nomad youth

Sending good vibes and love your way,