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I love Annie because she uses her success from her makeup videos on her youtube P1050518channel to teach positive psychology and how to be healthy. She has stated that she used to be “fat”, so her advice really has some validity to it. Born in Geneva but resides currently in NYC.Check out Annie’s blog and youtube for food ideas, motivation to workout and be happy and fashion advice! Another plus: She also is a believe in the law of attraction and encourages this mindset in her followers.

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Believe it or not, the girl behind KAYTURE.COM is just a 19 year old (GASP) down-to-earth girl from Sweden, Kristina Bazan. Kristina got lucky when she started dating a very talented young photographer 2 years ago, James Vyn. The pictures they took together for my favorite fashion site: LOOKBOOK.NU were an instant success so they decided to make more progress with his photography and her fashion sense and gorgeous face by starting the fashion blog KAYTURE together. Just a year after the blog these 2 dreamers started KAYTURE, they have been flown around the world and put up in the best hotels to complete projects with many high fashion designers, most recently – a video last week released for Louis Vuitton!Every step of Kristina’s “dream life”is shared with her 33,420 Instagram followers. Follow @kristina_bazan to join in on the KAYTURE obsession. 😉





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Although a good amount of people know about the “Luxy sisters” less would recognize simply Mimi Ikonn. Although these sisters come as a pair on the internet, in my eyes, Mimi is actually the one who has been making videos regularly and I don’t really know too much about Leyla. Mimi truly lives what she preaches in her vlogs regarding staying positive and being beautiful inside which will show on the outside. She also is the one I have learned about many great books which have greatly changed the way I live, including the book “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferriss which Mimi credits for being able to travel all the time while owning her own business.

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You can follow Mimi on instagram by searching MimiIkonn or clicking here: mimiikonn


I am beyond grateful that I discovered The Luxy channels on youtube a while back because Mimi has been a great example to me of someone who takes control of every aspect of her life and is always challenging herself and others to step out of their comfort zone and do the same.
The sisters own Luxy Hair together so there is 2 main channels: Everything Luxy which has makeup tutorials, challenges, OOTD reviews, book reviews, healthy eating and a couple exercise videos while Luxy Hair has hundreds of hair tutorial videos.

Below is my

dream wedding,

dream house

& an inspiring video from Mimi!