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You know when you meet someone briefly who is so inspirational that you know you will never forget them?

 I feel so blessed to have met many artists during my travels who blow me away by their original view of the world. Many artists I have met create a reality for themselves of art which spans beyond what they paint or sculpt. They make their entire lives into a work of art. Francesca Salisbury is one of those artists.


“My interests and the theme that keeps appearing in my art work is judgement. My work tries to question why we think things in a certain way, what are we judged by? My work concentrates at the moment being a woman in modern society, what expectations do we have and how should we behave?” – Francesca Salisbury



I only spent a small amount of time with this gorgeous blonde from England while we were both living in Barcelona, but the way she dressed, the way she talked and even just the way she held herself was just beautiful.


Fran’s free-spirited way of living I will always remember. She was always shining and so happy. A wonderful example of someone who filled each moment with love and light!


Check out more of Fran’s fantastic work at http://fransalisbury.blogspot.com/

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