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Ever since I lived around the corner from a photography store in Paris which sold many epic and rare black and white Kate Moss prints, I have been completely in love with her. This photography store was one of many art shops in the Marais neighborhood in Paris, but it was my favorite just because of all the Kate Moss prints they had on display.

The supermodel was scouted in 1988, the year I was born, at age 14 as she was waiting to board a plane at the JFK airport. The black and white photos below are some of the model’s favorites of herself. The first photo below was from her first shoot ever, a test shoot. It was hand printed by  photographer David Ross and I love it. Such a rare print of a fresh-faced and young Kate in a simple sweatshirt. This photograph was from a set of 3 which sold for £5,700 at an auction recently in London, Kate’s hometown, at Bloomsbury Auctions.

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