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I miss the endless summertime of California. I can’t wait to relocate to so cal in just a few months! The dark winter months here in Wisconsin just recently started really getting to me, mainly because I so miss the beach and sunshine. I am one of those people who really need lots of Vitamin D and obviously, taking it in vitamin form just isn’t the same. 😉

I got inspired to do this post on “summer beauty” because I get so ghostly in the winter and (unfortunately) really need to start worrying about the aging effects of fake baking. I don’t want to fake bake all the time like I used to when I am “stuck” in Wisconsin during winter, so I have tried out other ways such as sunless tanners to keep a summer glow. The beauty products below are some of the best!

Also, I have loved my new red converses and can’t wait to get the one’s below this summer in the pretty light-teal shade. Oh, and how cute is that iPhone cover I discovered on Etsy?! I want.

Summer, come quick!