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I have lived many amazing places thus far in my life.

Now, as I sit here in the un-known town in Wisconsin I ran from for years, I find myself full of happiness and gratitude.

I am so blessed, and I have no complaints. I am full of appreciation for I have found the true meaning of happiness from journeying to the far parts of the earth and coming back again.

The key to a happy life?

Gratitude. Appreciation. Noticing the little things.

Creating atmosphere around yourself and taking control of your emotions, thoughts, feelings. Taking control of your life, no matter if you are in the center of Paris or in the center of the most “ghetto” city in Wisconsin.

We all have a choice to create for ourselves at any moment beauty and love or ugliness and hate.

Make this moment a lovely one. Be happy.

For this moment is all that you will ever have.


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