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If you know me – you know that I have Attention Deficit Disorder worse than anyone you will ever meet. A normal little task takes me much, much longer to complete than most people because I so easily side tracked. I was diagnosed with A.D.D. 8 years ago and have been on and off of medication since then. Currently I am trying a new holistic approach to deal with my disorder.

I realized this morning as I was writing out my daily to do list how many tasks had been carried over from previous days. Clearly I need to create change to become more productive and decided to finally deal with my habit of multi-tasking.

I made one small resolution this morning to only have ONE tab open on my computer at a time (other than my “music player” that is – hmmm…is listening to music while doing other stuff considered multi-tasking…?)
Of course, I still quickly got distracted still and that “one computer tab” rule ended up being Tara Stiles YouTube channel where, like magic, I somehow ended up on THIS BLOG POST from one of Tara’s friends. I was blown away how this post was exactly what I had thought about earlier.
Beyond my challenges with mult-tasking and getting side tracked more than most as a result of my A.D.D., I know that our generation has some HUGE problems with this issue which in my opinion, is a result of technology. It is so easy to get completely side tracked just from a simple text.

 If you also struggle with multi-tasking lets seek to individually create environments in our work spaces, new habits and a different mindset which helps us to STAY PRESENT and FULLY ENTHRALLED in the one task at hand. I will be re-reading some pointers on this matter from my San Diego summer read, Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” which offers many great tips on giving your all to this moment.

 Join me in the process of mastering distractions in order to live a more fulfilled, successful and stress-free life! Let me know any tips you may have for me as I take on this new challenge. Thank you for stopping by www.nomadyouth.com. 🙂


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