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IMG_3628There is just something about writing on PAPER with a PEN that really gets me thinking and inspired.

Every time I crack one of my old journals open, I am reminded of so many lessons learned or special memories which would have otherwise been completely forgotten. Even the incredibly sad journal entries which were written on tear stained pages.

I wrote quite a few journal entries after my 2 best guy friends passed away within 2 years of each other, both before the age of 21 and both quite tragically… I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten thru these times without being able to spill my heart out on the pages of my journals.

Looking back now, I am able to see the truth in what everyone told me when they said that time heals and to just stay strong because one day I would be able to breathe again without it hurting.

Even those wounds that at one point were so gut-wrenchingly painful that I didn’t think I would be strong enough to endure another day, I am able to look back at these entries and remember – I truly can get thru anything… “just keep swimming” as Nemo would say.

Of course, not all my journals entries are from sad times. My favorite journals to look back on right now are the ones I wrote post my morning yoga times in the park around my place in Paris.

Even though I still have a decent amount of journals, most of them were actually stolen by the police in Spain when they kicked us off the plaza I was living on in Barcelona last summer (along with all my other belongings) I am very grateful that I left behind a few journals in the states. Now that I no longer have many of my childhood journals, I realize how much they meant to me!

Do you journal? If not, I encourage you to start! One day you will be glad you did. ♥

One tip on journaling: learn from my mistakes and leave your old filled journals at home while you are traveling! I am sure the police had a great time reading every little secret from some crazy little American girl who lived in a tree house in Spain!


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