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♥ my top fashion/lifestyle

inspiration spots,

1.) H&M Life VIDEOs

Each video is filled with fashion wisdom (for both men and women) from fashion icons around the world or from youth on the street who have a great personal sense of style.

My favorite part about these videos? They rarely come from the U.S. 😉

2.) KAYTURE.com

If you know me, you most likely already know I am in love with this European fashion blogger who is hands down the most gorgeous and down-to-earth girl EVER.


 3.) Vintage fashion icons/vintage media

I will keep the pictures short here since I plan on doing a vintage blog post soon and want to save some of my favorite snaps for that. 😉

I found a ton of magazines from the 60’s and always look thru them before shoots or going thrifting! I have so many vintage pieces that I need to understand how to style them, so, I look to how they worn when they were first created.


4.) Marykate & Ashley

I love The Row, I love their book “Influence” and I love how buisness savvy and book-smart these 2 are. Plus they have the coolest and most unique personal styles – if you get to know them, you know how different they dress from each other and I think that is pretty cool. ONLY DOWNFALL: They wear fur, no bueno.

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5.) Pinterest (surprise, surprise!)

Some of my favorite pins:


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6.) Places I have lived:

People tell me my style is “eclectic” since I have come back to the states.
The definition of eclectic is:

1 : selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles
: composed of elements drawn from various sources
So, it must be that I wear a combined style of places I have lived in the past few years? Every city has such a different style, it is crazy!

After getting inspired by anything however, just a reminder; put your own twist on it!

Be yourself. You are beautiful. ♥