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I have learned that all you need is just the basic makeup products IF they work magic. It is awesome to have just your top beauty items to be able to apply them as quickly as possible and get on with your day! I have finally found the products that I am 100% happy with.The price, staying-all-day power and application of the products I will share with you over the next few weeks are my only beauty must haves!


I have been obsessed with the wing look and applying my eyeliner with a wing since 2008. The past few years, I have tried almost every brand and type of eye liner but realized the BEST and only eye-liner you need to achieve the look is the Revlon ColorStay Liquid eyeliner in Blackest black. The tip is the perfect size and it drys and stays put all day – no matter how hot it is outside! I still sample the new eyeliners at Sephora sometimes, but even the more expensive brands don’t do the trick like this gem.I wish someone would have told me about it before I tried so many others!