When people tell me they didn’t like Paris, I am always dumbfounded. HOW is it possible? Were we even in the same city? I cannot imagine anyone not falling madly in love with this magical place. Below, some of my favorite memories from a few months living in Le Marais neighborhood, near Notre Dame…

Le Marais

Le Marais

Every day you buy fresh food at your local market. All the food in Paris was so fresh and naturally organic.


Most people live in small homes so people have their own local hangout café and bar to go to where the workers seem more like friends.


A new friend and the proud new owner of a bar around the corner from where I stayed. On my way to where ever, I would stop in to say hello!



I just love the idea of having your own little cafe to frequent to read, people watch and mingle with others with.

I just love the idea of having your own little cafe you frequent to read, people watch and mingle with others at.

Because homes are so small, people spend a lot of time in Parks as well. Picnicking, reading and catching up with friends.

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The Paris Metro is clean and ridiculously easy to figure out, even if you know no French, and can get you anywhere you want to go. Also, each stop underground is different which is pretty cool too.



FRENCH WINE, Macaroons, espresso and fresh crepes.


Paris has so many shops that look like they came straight out of a fairy tale.

Paris has so many shops that look like they came straight out of a fairy tale.

When the hussle and bussle of Paris life gets to be overwhelming while living in the city, a train ride to the French country side for a few nights away is what Parisians do to recharge. I spent a few weekends in Vollore Ville with Fred, his mom and his mom’s boyfriend. Fred’s mom is from Reunion island, but spends her winters in Vollore Ville which is the village where COCO Channel grew up and is a 3 hour train ride out of Paris. The region boasts some pretty awesome real palaces as well which we were able to take a tour of.


Paris (the kitty) and Fred on the train en route to the countryside for a weekend getaway.


After the tour of the real castle.


The fact that the Nuit Blanche festival which means “White night” happened to be in Paris on my birthday! Nuit Blanche turns public places into private and public art galleries free of charge. Huge spaces turned into epic art installations, performances and other social gatherings.


Vintage shopping in Paris is INCREDIBLE. My favorite place I visited frequently and told all the tourists about is Free P Star. There are 3 locations and the people that work there go all over Europe collecting vintage accessories and clothing for the shops. There is a 1 euro bin too which is amazing!

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A simple walk through the streets is almost always completely breathtaking. No wonder Parisians walk so slow… I learned to be observant while there and take in the beauty around me.

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