I remember this night well.
I was on my way to help with something at church but was running late and missed the metro so I decided to not rush to get there when I was already going to be so late.
While walking home, it dawned on me how gorgeous the streets directly surrounding my street was. How interesting and different from home the triangular “blocks” were. How beautiful and old and majestic each building was.
So, I snapped all these photos below to remember what a magical place I was so blessed to live in.  They are simple, camera photos but mean so much to me and bring back so many memories. 317733_1919676083922_817505460_n 373831_2161021397404_2038956578_n 374336_2161025637510_680787300_n 375325_2161020597384_211596490_n 381447_2161019277351_121622698_n 382974_2161019797364_37124521_n 384287_2161022317427_864350141_n 384844_2161020917392_813377619_n 386552_2161023117447_808310709_n 386616_2161018477331_1088509636_n 388292_2161023757463_992794257_n 391905_2161025157498_241702751_n
Wikipedia describes Le Marais as “a historic district in Paris, France. Long the aristocratic district of Paris, it hosts many outstanding buildings of historic and architectural importance. It spreads across parts of the 3rd and 4th arrondissements in Paris (on the Rive Droite, or Right Bank, of the Seine).”